3 Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016 – Dial One Sonshine

When it comes to a Stanton home design trends, they are ever-changing from one year to the next. In 2016, it appears as if the bathroom will be the room getting the most attention from those wanting to spruce up their surroundings.

While some people will decide it’s time to turn their bathroom into their own personal spa, others will say the time is right to install water-efficient fixtures to lower their monthly water bills.

No matter what’s done to the bathroom, one thing that’s clear is that there will be plenty of people changing the look and feel of their bathrooms in 2016. If you want to know about the top trends in 2016, here are some tips on what to expect.

Freestanding Tub

Rather than stick with the old-fashioned built-in bathtub, many people will decide it’s time to go with a freestanding tub instead.

Now made in many styles, shapes, and colors, these tubs offer a variety of design options for almost anyone.

Also referred to as soaking tubs, expect them to be placed near windows where people can soak away the day’s stresses while enjoying a peaceful sunset.

Lighted Showers

Why rely solely on the standard bathroom lighting for a shower when instead you can have the light installed directly in the shower itself? Apparently, that’s the plan for many people in 2016.

Offering much more light where it’s needed, it’s also viewed as a way to make the experience a safer one, especially for older people who may still be using the shower.

Shower Seat

If you’ve got a light in the shower, you might as well have a seat to go with it. Shower seats, viewed as a great idea for people who are tired when having to shower, will be perhaps the hottest individual trend for 2016.

While used almost exclusively for seniors or disabled individuals in the past, these seats will instead become quite commonplace in showers everywhere in the year ahead.

If these bathroom design ideas sound great to you, then why not have them installed as soon as possible?

If you’d like these items in your Stanton, CA bathroom, then don’t hesitate to call Dial One Sonshine today at (714) 613-1016.

Not only will you get the bathroom you’ve always wanted in your Stanton home, but you’ll also be guaranteed to make every neighbor on your block green with envy.

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