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Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

Having an energy-efficient home can be difficult to maintain. If you aren’t actively staying up to date with all your home appliances, amenities, and other home features, your house could end up losing its identity as an efficient home — and you could lose thousands of dollars as a result.

Here are a few tips that should improve the energy efficiency of your home and save you plenty of money in return.

Low-Flow is the Way to Go

A great way to save money and lower the amount of water you and your family waste is to have low-flow showerheads and faucets. Simply installing low-flow water fixtures can lower your consumption of water by nearly half, saving you up to $145 per year. You don’t have to do any complicated home renovations to improve your water consumption and save a few bucks, too. Just buy new faucets and showerheads for a few dollars a piece, easily install them, and start enjoying your more energy-efficient home.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

It’s one thing to have a functioning air conditioner; it’s another to deal with air conditioning maintenance. Unless you’re a professional, you probably don’t know how to properly address even the most common air conditioner performance issues. Experienced professionals do. Improper installation and handling of air conditioning units could decrease your home’s energy efficiency by 30%. If you work with qualified air conditioning repair services, however, you should be in the clear.

Proper Insulation

If you’re really serious about improving your home’s energy efficiency, you probably don’t want all your cool air leaving the house in the summer and all the warm air exiting the house in the winter. To avoid this, your home should be properly insulated to keep your house warm, or cool, when you want it to be. Rolls of insulation are extremely cheap, especially compared with how much you’ll be saving on energy that you will no longer be wasting.

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