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A clogged sink

If you want to avoid having to clean up a clog, follow these suggestions that will ensure your drain stays clear.

1. Dump it in the Trash

The best way to keep your drain from clogging is to avoid putting things in it that don’t belong. This list covers some of the most common items you shouldn’t dump in a kitchen or bathroom drain:

  • Coffee grinds
  • Cooking oils and grease
  • Eggshells
  • Pasta and rice
  • Bottle caps
  • Bleach
  • Meat or bones
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Medicine
  • Non-toilet paper
  • Flushable wipes
  • Nail clippings
  • Loose hair

Throw all these things in the trash. For cooking oils, keep an empty coffee tin handy and store used oil until ready for the trash. Be careful when straining pasta, rice, or veggies, so the food doesn’t fall into the drain.

And while bleach and other household cleaners may say “all-purpose,” this does not include your drains. The chemicals could harm your septic or sewer system. And things like coffee, eggshells, meat, bones, and bottle caps are bulky and will easily clog your pipes. They’re also not always malleable, so it will be difficult to clear those clogs without professional help.

2. Perform Regular Maintenance

Take some time each week to check your drain speeds and see if there might be any potential clogs. To prevent buildup, pour some boiling water down the drain. This will help disrupt any groups of unwelcome items that may have formed.

This may also include purchasing a stopper. Most kitchen sinks come with one, but it’s also recommended for your shower or bathroom drains. They help catch food and other things in the kitchen and trap hair, toothpaste, and other bathroom items.

3. Be Prepared; Catch it Early

Sometimes clogs are unavoidable, and that is okay. The best thing to do is to catch it early. If you notice your drain isn’t clearing as quickly as usual, take action before it gets worse. The more buildup a clog gets, the harder it is to remove. And if you are unable to fix the clog yourself, call the experts at Dial One Sonshine.

Does it seem like there’s a brick wall in your drain? Contact our friendly experts at Dial One Sonshine for reliable plumbing services you can trust. Give us a call today at (714) 613-1016 or use our online form.

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