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Utility bills are unavoidable, no matter what season it is. These bills can increase throughout the year, especially during summer and fall as you continually use your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to cut down on your energy bills as we head into fall in California. These are easy yet effective solutions for lowering those monthly bills and using less energy overall.

1. Use Your Dishwasher

If you have an Energy Star certified dishwasher, then you should be using it rather than hand washing your dishes. These types of dishwashers use far less water than hand washing does, which makes it much more economical. Since you’ll likely have more dishes in the fall from family get-togethers, don’t waste your time at the sink. Your dishwasher can take care of the work and save you money at the same time.

2. Dress for the Weather

In the fall, the temperature outside can vary. On days when it’s cool, try your best to wear warm clothes indoors so you can avoid turning your heater on. When it’s warm outside, wear shorts and short-sleeve shirts so you can reduce the amount of time your AC has to run. If in doubt: layer!

3. Use Indoor Fans

Using indoor fans and opening windows can help keep your home cool so you don’t have to use your AC. In many homes, you can avoid turning on your AC completely if you’re willing to use fans and turn them off every time you leave a room. This is especially true if you open windows early in the morning, as the weather outside tends to cool down considerably at night. However, once the weather gets chilly, it’s best to keep all windows closed and only use fans for air circulation.

4. Service Your HVAC System

In the fall, your HVAC unit can run more than it does during other months. This can cause a lot of wear and tear that eventually leads to repair issues. To prevent this, it’s highly recommended to have maintenance done by a professional. During this appointment, they will do a thorough inspection of your HVAC system to look for any issues that may be present. In addition to this, the technician will complete updates to keep your unit running smoothly throughout the rest of the year.

5. Install Weather Stripping

If you look at the weather stripping that’s on your doors and windows, it should be in good shape with minimal wear and tear. However, if this is not the case and you can tell the weather stripping is older, then it’s a good idea to replace it. This can help seal the air inside so you can keep your home more comfortable without making your HVAC system work harder.

6. Change Watering Times

Most lawns and gardens don’t have to be watered every day in order to stay healthy and green. By just reducing the amount of time and the days that you water, you can save a considerable amount of water. This can add up to a lot of money saved throughout the fall, especially if you have a lot of grass to cover. Investing in a water timer or smart sprinkler system can make it much easier to adjust the watering times and program each section of your yard.

7. Line Dry Your Towels

Bulky towels take a long time to dry, which uses a lot of energy. By drying these on a line outside, you’ll be saving hours of energy throughout the fall. While towels are a great way to get started, you can also line dry your clothing to continue saving energy. Since the weather will still be sunny fairly often, fall is the perfect time of year to dry laundry outside in California.

How Much Can You Save?

Saving on your utility bills in the fall doesn’t have to be a dream. While many of these tips can be implemented on your own, you can call our team at Dial One Sonshine for help with HVAC maintenance when you need it the most.

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