Breathe Easy This Summer With Spring A/C Maintenance – Dial One Sonshine
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It is finally springtime in California! That means a fresh start now, but the higher temperatures of summer are just around the corner. What is the best way to ensure that you and your family will remain comfortable when the seasons change? Routine maintenance of one of your most important household appliances: your air conditioner.

Calling a professional for A/C maintenance during the spring is an essential step in avoiding emergencies during the hotter months. It can also mean a more efficient system, which saves you money in the long run. At Dial One Sonshine, we know how important it is to prevent breakdowns, so we offer our customers a special savings coupon. Our air conditioning maintenance special this month is $67 off routine maintenance by one of our trained professionals.

Our inspection and tune-up will help your system run more smoothly and save you money on emergency repairs later. Our checklist includes a thorough inspection of both indoor and outdoor units, evaporator coil cleaning and repair, a check on refrigerant levels, drain pan inspection, and wiring and connection testing. We also offer filter replacement. A dirty or clogged filter can result in an inefficient system, meaning more money out of your wallet for a smaller amount of cool air, as well as poor air quality. Although a homeowner can do this, most people leave it to a professional to ensure proper installation.

Air handlers are on our checklist as well. We strive to ensure a thorough job for each of our clients, which means checking this vital part of the A/C system during a maintenance inspection. The air handler is connected to the ductwork in your system and helps with circulation. If it becomes damaged or clogged with algae or mold, your system can become overtaxed. An overworked system can’t function efficiently and may break down.

If you want to breathe easy this summer, it may be time to call Dial One at (714) 613-1016 for a routine checkup of your A/C system. We do everything we can to ensure our customers’ safety and follow all guidelines related to COVID-19. Our professional team offers a wide range of expertise, and we are standing by ready to help. Make sure to take advantage of our special savings coupon today and schedule your routine maintenance.

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