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If you’re like many homeowners, completing simple tasks around the home is an excellent way to save on money. However, some home improvement tasks are too large to handle. When homeowners take on these projects, they often result in disaster. Today, we’re going to look at DIY plumbing blunders that can end up costing you.

Forgetting To Turn Off The Water

You’ve watched all the Youtube videos and think that you’re ready to tackle a DIY plumbing project. Only one problem: you forget to turn off the water. Failure to cut off water flow can lead to severe flooding. To prevent this from happening, you should take the necessary precautions before you begin plumbing. First and foremost, always be sure to turn the shut-off valve. Additionally, be prepared if water does begin spraying out uncontrollably.

Forgetting How To Reassemble

Another common DIY plumbing blunder that could cost you is forgetting how to put something back together after you have uninstalled it. Many plumbing projects are like a puzzle–there are many pieces. Whether you’re uninstalling a toilet, drain, or sink, you should always keep tabs on the steps that you are taking to disassemble the item. This will allow you to correctly put it back together after your project.

Using The Wrong Tools

One of the more common DIY plumbing mistakes is using tools that aren’t fit for the job. Before tackling plumbing projects, you should conduct preliminary research to determine the tools and equipment you need to complete a project. Remember, each project will require different pieces of equipment.

Not Following Regulations

Believe it or not, many novice plumbers are taken aback when they get a call from their county. Although most DIY plumbing jobs don’t infringe upon any regulations, you should always ensure that you’re permitted to perform the plumbing tasks before completing them.


It is possible to tighten pipes and valves too tightly. Overtightening may lead to a pipe or valve being broken, damaged, or predisposed to future malfunction.

Going In Without A Plan

Last but not least, a common pitfall of many DIY plumbers is not developing a plan. Plumbing work is often complex, taking both wits and strength to tackle the job. Rather than going willy-nilly into a project, develop a well-thought-out plan beforehand.

Hopefully, you now see the importance of taking the necessary precautions before any DIY plumbing project. If you need any plumbing done in your home, consider reaching out to us at Dial One Sonshine online or at (714) 613-1016.

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