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There’s nothing better than air conditioning in the summer to help keep you cool. But one company made a wristwatch that claims to be able to do the same thing!

How does it work?

When we say, “air conditioner watch,” the first thing you probably think of is a fan you wear on your wrist. Or maybe a device that mists you with water!

But no, we’re actually talking about tech that’s a bit more sophisticated here … The air conditioner watch was invented by “Embr Labs” and is actually able to take your skin temperature to tell whether you’re hot or cold. When you’re feeling cold, your skin temperature will be colder than normal, and if you’re feeling HOT (which you probably are this August!), your skin temperature will be hotter than normal. The air conditioner watch is able to gauge your comfort based on your skin temperature, and guess what it does in response?

The watch delivers a burst of heat or cold against your wrist!

The company claims that this heats you up or cools you down. But we were wondering, does a little burst of heat or cold on your wrist really make you more comfortable? Well, the thing is, the Embr Labs team isn’t hoping to make miracles happen – instead, they say that the device can help you feel up to 5 degrees cooler or warmer.

Does it actually work?

To find out more about the air conditioner watch and how effective it is, we went to Business Insider. Their writer, Avery Hartmans, tried it out, and had mixed feelings on it. When she wore the air conditioner watch while sweating on a hot subway car, she said it didn’t help much. “But most of the time, it provided me with a pleasant cooling sensation that saved me from feeling warm and irritable,” she says.

Overall, Hartmans said, the device doesn’t do anything that, for example, holding your wrist under hot or cold water wouldn’t do. But, as a wearable watch, it’s able to sustain that comfort, and only needs to be charged once a week.

But of course …

Nothing can replace the consistent, whole-home comfort of an A/C system on a hot day. When you come inside, from wearing the Embr air conditioning watch to cool you off outside, you need real, powerful cooling power! If your A/C in your Orange County home isn’t doing the trick, a technician from Dial One Sonshine can help.

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