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Approximately two-thirds of homes in the United States are equipped with air conditioners, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every AC owner knows how to perform proper air conditioning maintenance.

There are countless common air conditioner performance issues, but knowing when to have air conditioning maintenance done is key in separating the serious from the inconsequential. Regardless, there are some things you should be able to check on your own before you call for air conditioning repair services.

Five Common Areas to Check Before Calling Repair Services

Perhaps the most common cause of an air conditioning performance issue is an improperly set thermostat. Your thermostat can save up to 10% on your home energy bill, but only if it’s functioning properly. Make sure everyone living in your household knows how to use — and how not to use — the thermostat.

Air Filter
Believe it or not, your air filter should be changed at least once every month. Most consumers assume that an air filter only needs to be changed when something is seriously wrong, but replacing a filter that is even slightly dirty or clogged could lower your AC energy consumption by up to 15%. If the filter gets too clogged, your AC unit could stop working altogether.

Equipment Door
Sometimes it’s tempting to perform DIY maintenance around the house, but if you’re dealing with HVAC equipment, it’s important to know when to have air conditioning maintenance done by a professional. Equipment doors are a safety standard and should be secured by a professional.

Circuit Breaker
If you’re a homeowner, this is something you should be familiar with. Air conditioning units can often trip the circuit breaker and cause some form of an outage, so it’s up to you to check that out before you call an AC repair service.

Outside Unit
If your outdoor unit isn’t working, it could be a sign of larger problems. Before you call your AC repair service, you should definitely check to see if it’s on, but if it’s off, call immediately.

Air conditioning maintenance can be simple, but its importance can’t be stressed enough. Look for these five things the next time your AC is experiencing issues, and if something seems strange, don’t hesitate to call for maintenance.

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