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Technician cleaning air duct

It’s springtime, and that means it’s time to clean! Don’t forget the most important element in your home to clean: the air! Here are Dial One Sonshine’s tips to keep your Orange County home — and you — fresh this April and beyond.

Change your air filters

Air filters act as a protective layer in your home. They trap harmful allergens, contaminants, and debris to stop them from circulating throughout each room. However, when air filters are neglected, they obstruct the airflow and burden the entire HVAC system. This added obstacle causes the unit to kick into overdrive, leading to an increase in energy bills. Change your air filters every three months or whenever necessary.

Clean your ducts

It is easy to take your air ducts for granted since they are mostly unseen. Air ducts are what carry our heated or cooled air throughout our home—just as with air filters, neglecting air ducts can hinder your comfort and health. A professional air duct cleaning will reduce the need to dust, eliminate odors, and remove musty indoor air quality.

Invest in an air scrubber

Air scrubbers can support your family through this spring allergy season by reducing contaminants, eliminating odors, purifying particles, and strengthening your overall HVAC system. On top of providing relief for those who have allergies or respiratory issues, its ability to cleanse the air helps boost the whole family’s immune system!

Changing your air filters, scheduling a duct cleaning, and incorporating an air scrubber are a few healthy steps to take toward a fresh start this spring. At Dial One Sonshine, it’s our mission to ensure that your home’s air quality supports your family’s health and comfort. Clean air is just a phone call away at (714) 613-1016!

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