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A simple service call turned into a nightmare and a financial loss of thousands for one family in Coral Springs, Florida. The mother of the home called for air conditioning repair services to resolve the problem with their stuck thermostat but, when the so-called technician arrived to assess the issue, things went sour quickly.

First, he said that air conditioning pump is not working. Then, he admitted that he could not fix it. Frustrated, the customer called her son over, who arrived before the workers could leave with the unit. He told them to stop working and when asked for their names, they refused.

They did leave, but not without taking almost $7,000 from credit card payments. As it turns out, there was no need for repair on the unit because it was in good condition and working properly. The family learned this when a second company came and re-installed the unit.

Be Wary of Unlicensed Technicians

Unfortunate common air conditioner performance issues like this happen to many Americans each day. Considering that in the United States, two-thirds of homes have air conditioners and 2.7% of household income is spent on energy bills, air conditioning maintenance, and repairs.

If and when you find yourself in need of air conditioning repair services, learn from the mistakes of the previously mentioned story. Make sure that the company you choose has a valid license and properly trained staff to service your home.

It should never be the case that someone working on your home does not give you their name and takes the full amount of repairs at once before the service is complete. No respectable business is run this way. Instead, payment should be made in two or three installments. This is to ensure that the work is done properly; the company is held accountable for the work and that you are satisfied with the end result.

When it comes to air conditioning repair and installing equipment, it is important that the technician knows exactly what they are doing. This is because equipment that is not installed properly could reduce a home’s heating and cooling efficiency by 30%, resulting in more charges to homeowners.

It is crucial to know when to have air conditioning maintenance done and what company to go to for repairs. Avoid putting yourself in the same position as the family mentioned earlier and get air conditioning repair from a reputable, reliable company. You could save yourself thousands and have peace of mind.

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