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Every Stanton homeowner needs a water heater to take a shower, wash their hands, brush their teeth, or anything else requiring hot water. Like most every component of a house, water heaters mess up from time to time, due to sediment buildup, broken valves, or excessive wear.

Before a plumber can fix a water heater, it needs to be drained. Nobody wants to pay plumbers to sit around and watch a water heater drain, so educate yourself of how to drain one properly in the event it malfunctions.

Knowing Where Things Are

It’s important to know where the water heater and breaker box as a renter or homeowner. If one doesn’t know offhand, look near the washer and dryer, sinks, in closets, or outside in sheds. Both the breaker box and water heater should be easy to find.

The water valve is located on top of the water heater and should be turned off. The power for the water heater should be turned off. Be careful to flip the right switch, as electrocution is a legitimate, potentially fatal hazard.

Connecting and Placing the Drain Hose

First, select an area to dump the water far from the Stanton home. Roll the hose outside, rather than from the outside in. Connect one end of the hose to the drain valve and tighten snugly with a wrench. Turn the now-empty hot water handles of nearby faucets on as to allow the water heater to drain more quickly.

Open the drain valve and closely supervise the water flow. If there are any holes or loosely connected hoses, shut the drain valve on the water heater off immediately.

Having a hose long enough to comfortably stretch from the water heater to the predetermined dumping site is essential for a seamless process. If water ends up leaking in the house or causing damage to land or other property, serious liabilities can be incurred.

Finishing Up Carefully and Securely

Flush the water heater with a few gallons of cold water to remove sediment from the bottom of the water heater. Disconnect the hose from the water heater and roll it outside, rather than from the outside-in to prevent water from leaking inside.

Mitigate damages caused by faulty water heaters by calling (714) 613-1016 for a free estimate. Dial One Sonshine serve homes in the Stanton, CA area around the clock at competitive rates.

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