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It’s fireworks season! That means you’ll be hearing a lot of loud noises … but what if the loud noises you’re hearing are coming from your A/C unit?

Sometimes, a noise coming from your A/C is okay. For example, a regular “humming” noise coming from your A/C unit, as you probably know, is usually just the motor working hard to get cool air flowing. And of course, you’re used to hearing a “clicking” noise when the A/C turns on and off – electrical parts clicking when the unit starts up is normal. (However, constant clicking could indicate something wrong with the controls or the thermostat. In that case, you’re going to need a professional’s help!)

But there are other noises that you should be concerned about. For example …

Strange electrical “buzzing” noise

This is usually the sign of an electrical short or power surge in your A/C unit. If this happens, try turning off breakers until everything turns back on and see if it goes away. If that doesn’t fix the problem, call the professionals at H.A. Sun for more help!

Harsh, grinding noise

A grinding sound is a sign of an issue with your A/C unit’s compressor. Why? The compressor is the part of your A/C unit that pumps coolant through a system of coils to maintain an even temperature inside, and uses a system of pistons to pump the coolant. So, if the compressor is worn out, you’ll hear those pistons making a harsh grinding sound!

Another possible cause of a grinding noise coming from your A/C unit is a loose part grinding against another part. The most common part to come loose is the belt on the blower fan. (The blower fan is the part that blows cool air inside and sucks warm air out, so it’s important to keep that belt tight!) While a loose belt isn’t as big of an issue as a worn-out compressor, you still can’t leave this issue alone. You wouldn’t just ignore it if your car was making a strange noise, right?

Banging noise

This is the noise you probably associate with July fireworks – not your A/C unit! This could be a sign that the fan blade is banging against something, but it could also be an issue with the blower wheel or the fan’s mounts. You’ll want to call H.A. Sun to be sure of what’s causing your A/C unit to sound like your own personal fireworks celebration!

If your A/C problems are getting in the way of your July festivities in your Orange County home, you can always rely on the pros at Dial One Sonshine! Schedule an appointment online or give us a call: (714) 613-1016

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