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Are you ready for World Water Day this year? Each year, we celebrate World Water Day as a way for individuals to come together and learn about the current water crisis in the world.

Created by the UN General Assembly in 1993, this special day has a unique goal, which is to ensure clean water for everyone in the world by 2030. Some other things you should know about it include:

What is the Theme for the Year?

Each year, World Water Day has a theme. This year, the theme is wastewater. Everyone on earth creates wastewater, whether it’s from your home, neighborhood or city, wastewater is always a factor. Unfortunately, in many cases, wastewater is not properly treated. This means that the water leads to pollution as it flows back into nature and contributes to, even more, waste.

UN-Water created a series of Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 that will help lead to the main goal of clean water for all by 2030. This year, the goal is to halve wastewater produced. The best way to do this is by creating better treatment solutions and reusing the water when possible. Most wastewater can be used in irrigation or with cooling systems.

How Bad is the Crisis?

Wastewater is not the only issue we are facing. It’s estimated that 663 million people in the world are without clean water near their homes. For us in The United States, it may be difficult to fathom, but for many people living in poverty, their reality consists of trekking many miles and waiting in lineups to get a jug of clean water.

For many other people, this is not even available, and they are forced to use contaminated water to drink, cook, and clean with. This also leads to illness and famine around the world.

Even the Smallest Change Can Help

You may be wondering what can be done to help these people, which is exactly why World Water Day exists. Additionally, there are numerous small changes you can make to your home and lifestyle in order to conserve more water and help reduce waste.

For starters, you can make sure the tap is turned off as you brush your teeth or wash your hands. Fixing any leaking pipes or faucets will also reduce waste and taking baths instead of showers will also save water.

We also recommend doing things like capturing rainwater to water your plants or garden. Other, more drastic measures include installing a water-conserving or dual-flush toilet or installing a greywater reuse system if your area allows it.

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