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Springing into action this May has never been easier with our homes’ comfort system, the air conditioner. With the change of seasons, we are greeted with rising temperatures in Orange County and surrounding areas. Once considered a luxury, air conditioners are now a part of every building we enter. Follow Dial One Sonshine as we take a look at how this valued system became an essential part of our everyday life.

Ancient methods

Attempts to cool indoor temperature were seen all over the world thousands of years ago. On top of fanning themselves, wealthy Roman citizens were able to utilize their advanced aqueduct system to their advantage by circulating cool water through the walls of their homes. In China, the citizens carried hand-held fans to maintain their comfort. Air-circulating building structures and windows that faced away from the sun were incorporated in traditional Middle Eastern architecture.

Breaking through the 20th century

Throughout the years, countless awkward apparatuses were made to control high temperatures. One of these was a device that involved air being blown through ice water–soaked cotton sheets. While these devices worked from time to time, they required a constant enormous amount of energy consumption. The emergence of electricity was the big breakthrough for air conditioning advancement. Skilled engineer Willis Carrier was the creator of the first modern air conditioner in 1902, made originally for a printing plant. His system sent air through cold water–filled coils that cooled air while removing excess moisture. Carrier’s company went on to create an air conditioner in 1933 that included a belt-driven condenser unit, an associated blower, mechanical controls and an evaporator coil. This became a blueprint for the booming market of air-cooling systems.

Advancing smartly

Carrier’s fundamental science of controlling temperature still lives with us today. Modern air conditioners now come with improvements in diagnostics, sensors, controls, materials and, most importantly, energy efficiency. New technologies, such as the smart thermostat, have even made it possible for homeowners to manage their home’s temperature while away from home!

Air conditioning has transitioned from a luxury to a foundational unit in our lives, especially when the heat starts to rise. At Dial One Sonshine, we aim to keep you and your loved ones comfortable this spring with an optimal-performing air conditioner. Call us at (714) 613-1016 to schedule a tune-up today!

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