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A hand holding a so-called flushable wipe over a toilet bowl

Are flushable wipes really flushable? Plumbers and waste treatment workers from around the country give a resounding “no” for an answer. According to experts, only human bodily waste and toilet paper are okay to flush. Technically, “flushable” wipes may make it down the drain the first few times, but gradually, these products can wreak considerable havoc on your plumbing system and city sewers. Here’s why.

Flushable Wipes Don’t Break Down Easily

Toilet paper breaks down within minutes of being flushed. Flushable wipes do not. According to an investigative Consumer Reports article, popular brands of flushable wipes don’t break down even after days of immersion in water. Only two branded products broke down after a 12-hour period.

Flushable Wipes Cause Home Plumbing Problems

Most flushable wipe brands claim that their products are safe for septic tanks and plumbing. However, because flushable wipes don’t break down quickly, they can clog drains in your home or business. This can result in costly plumbing repairs, particularly if a clog causes a leak.

Flushable Wipes Set Municipal Sewer Systems Up for Failure

You may think twice before you flush wipes down your own toilet. However, when you’re stuck going to a public restroom, you might be tempted to flush your wipes down the toilets at your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and retail outlets. Don’t do it. Even if flushable wipes make it out of an establishment’s plumbing system, they can still clog your city’s sewer lines. When businesses and cities experience plumbing problems, the repair costs are often passed back to you as a consumer and taxpayer.

Flushable Wipes Sabotage Environmental Protection Efforts

You want to keep your county’s lakes and rivers safe for yourself and others to use and enjoy for years to come. Clogged municipal sewer systems can spill contaminated wastewater into these key water resources.

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