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Heat pumps are one of the most versatile approaches to home comfort, because they act as heaters when it’s could outside and double as air conditioners when temperatures soar. They’re called “pumps” because they use refrigerant to “move” warm air from one place to another. In cool weather, they are able to pull heat energy from the air and transfer it into your home. When it’s hot, they remove heat from your home’s interior and move it outside.

Because heat pumps perform both functions, choosing one is often cheaper than having separate heating and air conditioning systems. Plus, today’s heat pumps are extremely energy-efficient, so homeowners can expect lower energy bills. Since 1981, Dial One Sonshine has been replacing and installing heat pumps throughout Orange County and the surrounding area. Our high skilled heat pump experts will study your home and its heating and cooling challenges before recommending the heat pumps that are right for you. We sell and install the nation’s best and most reliable makes and models, so you can choose with confidence!

Is a new heat pump the right choice for your home? The best way to find out is to call Dial One Sonshine. We’ll explain your options in easy-to-understand language, answer all your questions and give you a straightforward estimate so you won’t have to worry about surprise costs. Put the year-round efficiency and reliability of a heat pump to work for you by calling us today.

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Great Reasons To Choose A Heat Pump

Heat pumps offer superior versatility and efficiency to homeowners, along with year-round convenience and comfort. There are many great reasons to choose a heat pump, including:

  • In most cases, using a heat pump will provide greater energy efficiency than other heating systems.
  • They can effectively lower your heating bills.
  • Heat pumps typically have a longer life span than other heating or cooling systems.
  • They can lower the overall humidity level inside the house
  • The heat pump includes a filter, helping to remove pollutants from the air.
  • Heat pumps operate quietly, so they won’t interfere with sleep or other quiet times.

Heat pumps are a great way to add comfort, convenience, and lower energy costs to your life. Whether your home already has an older heat pump that’s ready to be replaced, or you’re thinking about replacing separate heating and cooling systems with a heat pump, Dial One Sonshine can help you make the choice that’s right for your home and your budget. Since 1981, we’ve been helping Orange County homeowners take advantage of the many benefits of heat pumps, and we’re ready to help you, too!

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