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Detecting water leaks has become an exact science, with continuously newer technologies making the process more streamlined and detailed. If one type of leak detection fails to find the problem, then another certainly will. Electronic leak detection is one type that is used to find leaks in low slope roofing systems.

Electronic Leak Detection Basics

Electronic leak detection is also called electric vector mapping and it is a high-tech way to detect leaks in low slope roofing and waterproofing systems. This technology enables technicians to trace the flow of an electric current across the membrane surface to detect issues with the roof membrane. Some of the most common applications for electronic leak detection include both insulated and non-insulated low slope roof systems, plaza decks, green roofs, parking garages and swimming pools. Depending on the scenario and your needs, the detection method may be high voltage or low voltage, and it is up to your service provider to determine which method is best.

Finding those stubborn leaks fast is crucial to minimize damages. Call (714) 613-1016 today for fast, reliable electronic leak detection at great prices.

Benefits of Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic leak detection has many different benefits, such as pinpointing defects in membranes for the most efficient repair, the ability to re-test repaired areas immediately, and a faster, safer, more reliable, and less expensive way to check for leaks. Taking advantage of the technology that is available leads to preventing damage caused by leaks and keeping more of your money in your pocket. Much of the time, the most difficult aspect of dealing with a leak is finding its origin. Electronic leak detection in Orange County helps to improve accuracy and save time.

Why Professional Service Is Critical

Naturally, a service that relies on the latest technology to be effective, must be performed by trained, highly skilled practitioners in electronic leak detection. In many cases, there is the slightest leak in a low slope roof, and it is imperative that the location of the leak is detected before it has a chance to cause big damage. Only an experienced professional has the skills and the equipment to find these leaks and fix them so they are no longer an issue.

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