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Keeping your gas line is good, safe, working order is extremely important, considering the nature of the substance that is flowing through it 24 hours a day. Both natural gas and propane are highly explosive, and if your gas line is split or severed for some reason, the risk for injury is high. Aligning yourself with a local, qualified service provider that is experienced and proficient in gas line repair, will give you peace of mind, knowing that help is just a quick phone call away.

Typical Signs of a Gas Line Leak

Having a gas line leak in your home is a dangerous situation, and it is imperative that you recognize the signs and take the appropriate action as soon as possible. When there is a leak in the gas line, it is designed to produce a foul smell to help homeowners detect it easier. It will smell like rotten eggs, and if you notice that smell all of a sudden, it is time to take action. You may also hear a hissing sound as the gas escapes from the line. These two signs at the same time are a sure bet that a gas line has been split or ruptured and you need help.

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DIY Is Not the Way

Unlike many other household tasks, you should never attempt to repair or install a gas line on your own. Even if you manage to shut off the main supply, there may be residual gas that can cause a serious situation for you and even your neighbors. Anytime the gas line is part of the conversation, forget about the DIY approach.

What You Should Do

Getting out of the house is the only physical action you should take if you suspect a gas line leak. Next, you should make a call to 911 and explain what has happened, so they can alert the appropriate personnel. Your Orange County plumber should also be called, so he can arrange to visit and coordinate a repair of the line, if it has been damaged. Quick, definitive action is always required to keep yourself and everyone else safe.

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