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Water leaks are more than just annoying and unsightly. They can be dangerous to your home and family. In addition to creating messes, leaks can cause wood to rot and will encourage mold growth and pests such as cockroaches. Plus, leaks waste a lot of water, so you wind up paying extra for water to you don’t use.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find the source of leaks. Subtle leaks can develop and go undetected in the following areas:

  • Behind walls
  • Underneath floors
  • Through your roof
  • Within the sewer line
  • Under a home’s concrete slab
  • Beneath vanities
  • Under the countertops

Sewer line leaks can be especially hard to find. If you notice a strong smell of sewage in your home, have sewage backing up through floor drains or fixtures, or have swampy messes appearing in your yard, a leak may be the cause. If there’s unusual moisture in and around your basement, mold or mildew around baseboard heaters, and damp carpets, the problem may be a slab leak.

The best way to find and fix all kinds of leaks is to turn to a professional like the licensed, highly skilled plumbers from Dial One Sonshine! We’ll quickly send out one of our plumbers with the latest tools and equipment to find the leak and repair it, so it doesn’t cause further damage to your home.

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Using The Latest Leak Detection Technology

Finding leaks you can’t see is a challenge, but today’s newest technologies make it easier for professionals like our licensed, highly skilled plumbers to track down the source. Depending upon the nature of your leak, we can deploy a variety of systems, including:

  • Electronic leak detection that amplifies the sound of the water moving through the pipes and unique noise made by leaking water.
  • Electronic vector mapping allows us to find leaks in roof membranes by tracing the flow of an electric current across the membrane surface.
  • Helium leak detectors use non-toxic helium gas along with what’s known as a mass spectrometer detector to spot changes in pressure that signal a leak’s location.

This technology is powerful, effective, and exciting … but it’s definitely not for amateurs. Using it correctly requires extensive training, like the kind our licensed, highly skilled plumbers have been through. Their training and knowledge give you the confidence that they’ll be able to find the leaks, while their experience and skills means they’ll fix the leak as quickly as possible.

No matter which method is used, finding stubborn leaks fast is crucial to minimize damages. When you need to find a water leak quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, count on leak detection from Dial One Sonshine!

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