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Our licensed, highly skilled plumbers encounter many issues, and one of the most common is pipes that are leaking or have become damaged. Many of those problems can be fixed, but some pipe repair techniques are extensive and invasive, meaning the plumber may have to dig up property or remove parts of walls.

At Dial One Sonshine, we know plumbing problems are inconvenient, to begin with, and we don’t want to make it any worse. That’s we often recommend repiping, in which we remove damaged sections of pipe and replace them with the brand-new pipe. Repiping can be a sensible, more affordable choice when:

  • Sections of pipe are worn through.
  • A small section of pipe has split or burst.
  • A clog has threatened the pipe’s integrity.
  • You notice unexplained moisture on ceilings, floors, or walls.
  • You see mold growth near pipes or fixtures.
  • Your water bills are higher than normal.
  • You have an older home.

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Repiping Provides Many Advantages

Handling repairs by repiping is often the best approach, whether your property uses copper or PEX piping for your plumbing. While copper is generally more durable than PEX pipe, PEX is more flexible and usually less expensive. PEX can sometimes sag or bend at the joints, so our licensed, highly skilled plumbers may recommend copper if your water flow is steady and heavy. Either way, we can provide repiping solutions that are non-invasive and minimize the damage.

Choosing repiping as a solution can also save you money by stopping further damage to your property and avoiding digging and tearing up more pipe than is necessary. But if your pipes are leaking or have been damaged, don’t delay, because even a small leak can cause wood to rot, encourage mold growth and rust metal. Since 1981, Dial One Sonshine has been the name to trust for high-quality plumbing and repiping services in Orange County.

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