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If you live in a part of Orange County or the surrounding area where flooding can be a problem, your home may have a sump pump. That sump pump is responsible for preventing water damage while protecting your home’s structural integrity and your family’s health, so if it isn’t keeping water out of your basement or crawlspace, you need to get professional service quickly!

Since 1981, people throughout Orange County have turned to Dial One Sonshine for fast, reliable repairs and replacements of key home components like sump pumps. Our highly skilled, licensed plumbers have experience with all types of sump pumps, and they provide honest pricing and expert service.

If your home experiences high water in the basement or crawlspace, or around your home’s foundation, a sump pump may be a smart choice. In addition to removing the excess water before it becomes a problem, a sump pump is also useful for relieving what’s known as “hydrostatic pressure” that can build up behind the walls of your foundation. To learn whether a sump pump is right for your home, call Dial One Sonshine today for an honest evaluation.

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Should You Try To Fix Your Own Sump Pump?

Sump pumps run on electricity, so if there is an issue with your home’s electrical circuitry your sump pump may not be able to function properly. In addition, extended use can lead to a burned-out motor, and the pump can get clogged with leaves and other debris, especially after a big storm.

Trying to fix a sump pump on your own can be dangerous, because you’re working with both electricity and water. In addition, if your installation is less than perfect, the sump pump might break down when you need it most. That’s why it makes sense to reach out to a trained professional like the highly skilled, licensed plumbers at Dial One Sonshine. Professional installation and repair will give you the performance and peace of mind you need.

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